How Does The Swiss Franc Affect The Euro Exchange Rate?

Not many governments in the world are happy to intervene in the market supporting another currency, but the Swiss National Bank poured vast amounts of money to support the euro exchange rate against the Swiss currency between March 2009 and June 2010. These efforts had only a temporary effect, though. One of the factors shedding light on such, at first sight strange, situation is the fact that traditionally the franc is a strong currency, or “hard currency”, and many investors look at the Swiss currency as a shelter in times of financial turmoil and ongoing crisis.

Can the Euro Serve As a Safe Haven for Investors?

Forex dealers and experts around the globe are debating whether the euro can be considered a safe haven for investors and whether it is good for the euro to maintain its relatively high levels. In the past decade, the single European currency managed to become a leading world reserve currency rivaling the U.S.

Understanding SWIFT and IBAN: Essential Details When Making A Money Transfer

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and IBAN is short for International Bank Account Number. The vast majority of all international fund transfers are made via the SWIFT messaging system which allows banks to exchange financial data…

Are Online Money Transfer Methods Secure?

Money transfers worth more than USD 390 billion will be conducted in 2010 and experts believe that next year the global money transfer market will exceed USD 400 billion. This is a huge amount and many unscrupulous people are tempted to filch your money during a money transfer process. Moreover, in addition to online money transfer providers some financial institutions offer the so-called e-mail money transfers, which sounds like a very convenient way to send money abroad.

Make Me Rich Trading 10 Pips a Day On The Forex Market

It is a well heard of story in forums that people where boasting about being 50-100 pips in profit only to see those profits disappear and start eating into their trading balance. The forex market is well known for its unpredictability and difficulty in long term trading prediction but it is also this unpredictability that makes it the most volatile and profitable market in the world.

What Do You Need To Trade Forex?

Forex trading is probably one of the simplest businesses to run and get started from home. The equipment needed is just a laptop or desktop and a broadband internet connection. You will of course need the means to trade forex which is via a spread betting platform and a charting package to make your charting decisions.

Revolutionary FX Review

Are you looking for a way to make money from Forex trading while still having enough time to do whatever you want? The new Revolutionary FX Automated trading tool has been created to accomplish just that. Learn all the secrets you need to know about Revolutionary FX here…

Work From Home As A Forex Trader

Forex trading has seen a massive increase in the average person using the forex market as a work from home business opportunity. There are certain advantages to this type of work from home opportunity and certain pitfalls both of which we will address in this article.

Top Rated Forex Trading Software Review

If you have recently heard about the forex trade then you are probably wondering about the best ways of improving your business trading. Even though it seems quite simple it actually is complex and since there are so many different methods and techniques available, it would be quite tricky to make a choice. Discover the secrets behind top rated forex trading software here…

Forex Tutorial

Learning to trade the forex market can be a very enjoyable and educational experience if you use a good forex trading tutorial, however if you skimp out on your forex education you will likely have a difficult time becoming a profitable trader. Forex trading success is not a walk in the park, therefore it pays to get high quality forex trading training from respected and qualified sources.

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